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I Told My Kid To Fight Back


In I Told My Kid To Fight Back: Examining Generational Differences Between Bullying Yesterday and Today will examine how the traditional go to solution “fight back” used in previous generations will just not suffice in today’s day and time. You will read real-life bullying stories from all ages and how they dealt with it according to generational standards. Due to changes in culture and new technology bullying is more complicated than ever before.  After reading this book, hopefully you will be able to understand the generational differences in bullying and see how to best assist your child with solutions on these issues. 

Becoming Comfortable In My Own Skin

Many times we think losing weight should be as simple as exercising and monitoring your food intake.  More often than not, there are other circumstances, such as: self-esteem, medical issues to name a few that may hinder our quest to live a healthy lifestyle.

In Becoming Comfortable In My Own Skin, you will follow first time author Monica McLaurine through her journey to overcome her obstacles to living a healthier lifestyle inside and outside. 

Loving My Journey and Loving Myself

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