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Learn How To Adjust

Back in April, I visited Cancun, Mexico for the first time. While I was touring the resort, I fell in love with the beautiful blue water and the gorgeous waves it produced. I could hardly wait to get in that water!Well I put on my bathing suit and went out into the ocean about waist deep. Now it was cold at first, but then my body adjusted to the water and I fell in love! While I was enjoying this beautiful water, I began to reflect. While fighting the force waves of the ocean, I decided to study them. Why were they all so different? Some of them were beautiful and forceful they almost knocked me over. Others were so light; the ripple of the waves barely touched me. Many broke into two parts and surrounded me on both sides. Then there were some that really did not look like waves but were lethal beneath the surface and hit me my legs so hard, they took sand from under my feet almost taking my legs from underneath me. It was not always easy to keep my footing, but I did. I had to adjust accordingly to continue to standing while enduring the force of the waves. Sometimes we can feel that our situations surrounding us may be too hard to keep standing. Always remember, “What doesn't challenge you will not change you.” You are built for this. Adjust! You CAN adjust to any situation that comes before you in life and come out a winner. Some will be easier and some will be more difficult than other situations, but you can do it! Believe in yourself and speak life over your challenges and you CAN persevere IF you believe. I believe in you believe in yourself?

Well you people that is all I have for today. Stay strong and learn how to adjust!

Love you all to life!


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