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Getting Rid of My Clutter

Sometimes I believe I can have hoarder-type tendencies. No, I don’t have mounds and mounds of trash all over my house, but I do have clutter. I have clothes lying on my bed, old nail polish, and little nick knacks I have collected over the years. All things that I had convinced myself I will still use at another date and time. Or I know someone who can use this so I will keep if for them. Before I know it, my home is full of clutter. I often find myself looking at the clutter and I say to myself, Monica you really need to get rid of some of this stuff. You have no room for all of this and it is of no use to you anymore.

Yes, I need to get rid of this stuff but unfortunately, I allow excuses to keep me from getting rid of the clutter. Excuses like, I am so tired I will do it tomorrow. Oh, I am running late and I will do it later. Oh, I have to do this today instead or do this for so and so and I allow myself to use these excuses in order to put off getting rid of my clutter.

Today I decided enough was enough. I decided during my downtime I would at least tackle my room. While I was de-cluttering my space, these thoughts rang loud in my mind. I asked myself why I am hanging on to all this clutter. I don’t need it. I was also finding things that I forgot I even had! Things that I really could have been using. Additionally, I noticed that I hold on to clutter in my emotional life. Holding on to hurt that occurred in my past. I place myself and my heart in situations where I said I would never to this to myself again. Holding on to memories that do my heart and mind no good. Putting other people and their feeling ahead of my own. I just can’t do it anymore!!! I cannot breathe! I again say to myself no more!! I need clarity in my life and to get it I must get rid of this clutter. Step by step, I am going to start today.

I am letting go of past hurts, disappointments and toxic situations. I am accepting responsibility and setting a standard for myself and my home right now. I know this won’t be easy, but I just cannot function like this anymore. I am determined to make it happen. I have to realize that I can’t make room for new things and new blessings if we don’t let go of some of the old stuff. God wants to give me the desires of my heart but because I refuse to let go of old feelings and other clutter I cannot receive what He has for me. Now, I am ready to receive my new blessings again so watch out world!!!

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