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Dealing With My Fog Situation

When the word fog is mentioned, we usually think about the type of fog that is full of water droplets that obscures your vision, especially while driving. I want to talk about the type of fog that can obscure and/or confuse a person’s situation or thought process. This is a place I know very well.

Now both types of fogs can be annoying, scary and intimidating, but the second definition of fog is very personal to me. In the last few months, my outlook has been very cloudy. Several things were happening in my life that I could just not understand. One thing right after the other and it really shook my confidence to the core. I was in a state of confusion and sadness. I felt like I couldn’t focus or even see things clearly. I had two of my most proud milestone moments: 1). the release of my book; and 2) being blessed to turn 40 years old. But still, I was not as happy and excited as I should have been. As I stated before, I am the Queen of hiding what I am going through internally and for the most part I was able to hide it from friends and family. It took a very close friend to pull me on the carpet and brought it to my attention.

That conversation made me admit to what was really going on with me. I could no longer put on a façade that everything was ok when it wasn’t. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. I first had to accept that I was in a foggy situation, and now it was time to come out of it. I realized I had to change my attitude about my situation. I know we don’t go through these types of situations unnecessarily so I needed to look for the lesson and/or reason for this season in my life. Once I decided to change the way I looked at my current situation, the fog began to dissolve and my vision started to clear. Just that quickly, I was able to see the sunny side of my situation. I needed to look for the lessons that were important to learn in that fog. My lessons were powerful and expand faith in ways I could never imagine. If I had not experienced this fog, I may never have learned how important my attitude towards certain obstacles could affect my thoughts and/or situations.

While doing a little research on fogs, I learned they can disappear as quickly as they come or, depending on the conditions, they can last a few days. The good news is…all fogs will all eventually fade away. I know that I am not the only one who has ever gone through a foggy situation. I just wanted to encourage someone who thinks they can’t see their way out. Change your attitude and look for the lesson(s) to be learned. This will definitely help as you navigate through your fog.

Love you guys to Life! Be blessed!

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